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Since 1954

Our offer brings back the atmosphere of the Budapest bar life, with a strong cocktail selection, Paulaner on tap, and great wines.


Due to the time elapsed since the foundation of the Kispipa Restaurant in 1954, we can rightly say that we have history. Memories come from the walls and we might even hear the dishes clinking as Rezső Seress is playing the piano; we can smell the smoke of cigarettes and see the evening fall on us. Back in the days, the two epicenters of nightlife of the 7th district were the Fészek Club and Kispipa. Rezső Seress, composer of the song "Gloomy Sunday", played the piano in Kispipa, and was visited by not smaller celebrities than Luis Armstrong, Marcello Mastroianni, Spencer Tracy or Jane Fonda. According to the legend, when the Mayor of New York arrived, without sitting down or saying a word, he just pulled a note out of his pocket which said "tarragon deer soup".


The history of Kispipa is still alive and the venue has recently been refurbished. The interior design has been dreamed up by Géza Ipacs, one of the best in his profession, with a history of designing many top restaurants and brands. Our selection reflects the atmosphere of Budapest bar life, with a strong cocktail menu, draft Paulaner beers and excellent wines. From the food menu, you can choose quality street food or traditional dishes based on our 1960s menu, according to our specials board.